Certified Translation for official purposes $30/page
Business Translation for commercial purposes $0.10/word

Why choose InVerba as your language service provider for
Spanish-English Translations


10 years of experience as a language service provider in the Spanish-English translation field


Commitment to customer's projects with professionalism and availability and a positive relationships with our clients 


We work efficiently and on schedule to ensure that translations have the highest quality standards


We provide excellent customer support and clear communication as part of our translation process

We are a Translation Agency that specializes in the translation
of written materials, proofreading text and leveraging cultural knowledge for the Spanish-English language pair. 



Certification signed by translator
Notarization for legal translations
Proofreading for quality assurance

Fast Turnaround Time and Easy Order Processing for High Quality Services


Spanish-English Translation of legal and academic documents for immigration USCIS, colleges and official purposes

Spanish-English Translation of legal, academic and official documents duly certified for official purposes. A translation is Certified when is accompanied by a Certificate of Accuracy that states that the translation is complete and accurate signed by the translator. Certified Spanish English Translations are proofread and reviewed to ensure there are no errors and that the context of the source language (Spanish-English) was faithfully transferred.

Birth Certificate

​Marriage Certificate

Adoption Papers

Divorce Papers

Academic Transcripts

Identification Card

Immigration Papers

Sworn Statements

Academic Records



Drivers License

Police Records

Legal Contracts

Asylum and

Refugee Papers



Customized translation services
Expert translators by subject-matter
Proofreading for quality assurance

Translation Expertise for a Clear Communication and Effective Cultural Interpretation

Spanish-English translation
of business documents

for companies, industries
and commercial purposes

Our Spanish-English business translation services facilitate language communication that positively influence business operations. Our team of bilingual translators are experts in the cross-language knowledge transfer process and cultural interpretation in order to effectively reach the target audience.  At InVerba, we help you eliminate the language barrier for all of your industry requirements.

Art and Culture

Social Media 

















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Our team of professional translators work efficiently and on schedule to provide 
Spanish-English translations with the highest linguistic quality standards 

Translation Acceptance by Immigration USCIS

Certified Spanish-English

Translations are accepted for Immigration USCIS and official purposes. Certified translations have a Certificate of Accuracy signed by the translator. 

for quality assurance

As part of our Spanish-English translation process we do proofreading and review

of the final text under a strict quality translation process to avoid errors and mistakes and to ensure quality and accuracy. 

Team of Native Spanish

Our professional translators are native Spanish speaking with expertise in the different dialects, culture and structure of the Spanish Language in order to keep the context and syntax in the translation process. 

Expertise in
the English Language

For the translation process to be effective and accurate, our translators have expertise in the English language and its structure. When translating from English or into English, the language's original context is perfectly transferred.

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We’re dedicated to meeting our clients’ expectations and have gained valuable experience in the Spanish-English translation services field through our excellent work and high quality translations.