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Spanish-English Translation duly certified for Immigration USCIS, Colleges and Official Purposes

At InVerba, we strive to provide effective and accurate Spanish-English Translations through a high quality translation process.

We provide Certified Spanish-English Translation of lega​l, personal

and academic documents for Immigration USCIS, Colleges, Employers,

Courts, Embassies and other institutions.

Certified Translation rate is $30 per page flat-rate based on an average price per word and includes optional notarization for legal translations, proofreading and review. 


A translation is Certified when is accompanied by a Certificate of Accuracy that states that the translation is complete and accurate

signed by the translator or translation company representative.

​Spanish-English document translation has become a big requirement in the U.S. and other main international markets because of the increasing number of Spanish speaking people becoming an influential demographic worldwide. Therefore, it is of crucial importance to choose the right translation company to perform the document translation for this language pair in order to have a clear communication and effective cultural interpretation.  Our team of translators have the expertise and

the excellent linguistic skills to provide professional and reliable

Spanish-English translations.

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Spanish-English documents are directed to the qualified translators that will handled them with confidentiality and privacy. We assign specialized translators based on the type of content and subject-matter. Our Spanish-English translators are native Spanish speaking with expertise and linguistic skills in the English language and its structure. When translating from English or into English, the meaning of the original text is faithfully transferred.

Editing and Delivery

Spanish-English Translations are edited to keep the layout and framework of the original work. Certified and Business Spanish-English translations are 100% made by professional translators and proofreaders not machines or software. Translations are delivered in an electronic copy format. 

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